CAMPAIGNS 6 Sept 2017

Video: UK's detention system

Detention is one of the most harmful aspects of the UK’s asylum and immigration system. Find out the basic facts about detention in this great little video by Help Refugees.

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detention walkway
NEWS 4 September 2017
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NEWS 3 September 2017
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Freedom From Torture Campaign
CAMPAIGNS 23 Aug 2017

Help ensure torture survivors are protected

Right now, vulnerable men, women and children who have come to the UK to escape torture are at risk of being sent back to persecution. Join the Freedom From Torture campaign.

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Aderonke Apata
NEWS 10 August 2017

Finally, asylum for Aderonke

Our dear friend Aderonke Apata has FINALLY been granted refugee status, after years of fighting for justice. All along the way, she has fought for the rights of others – for asylum rights, for LGBT+ rights, for human rights. She is a true inspiration.

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NEWS 16th May 2017

This is what solidarity sounds like

MaMa is a Liverpool community group of mostly asylum-seeking women, standing up for each other's rights, and with their choir providing a way to come together, to bond, to heal and to transform minds.

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Ijeoma Datha-Moore
CAMPAIGNS 27th April 2017
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Video: Preparing for the asylum interview

The interview can be very difficult and stressful, and there’s much can go wrong. But there is also a lot you can do to prepare. Patricia in Sheffield speaks from experience.
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Sheffield zine

Early Asylum Support

In Sheffield, Right to Remain is supporting a new volunteer group to help newly-arrived people to prepare for their asylum interviews.

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Claiming asylum? Know your rights, be prepared

The asylum, or substantive, interview is one of the most important parts of your asylum application. Our Toolkit can help you to understand the procedures, know your rights, what you can do to prepare, and what to expect for the rest of the process.

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