One Day Without Us - Manchester


Open planning meeting.

Come along and get involved to make One Day Without Us happen in Manchester. On 20th February, World Day of Social Justice, communities across the UK will take action as part of the One Day Without Us initiative, to celebrate migrant solidarity and reject the politics of division and hatred. You can help Manchester to mark the day.

6pm - Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, M2 5NS


dreamers Still We Dream: learning from the US migrant rights movement

In the United States there are encouraging signs that the migrants rights movement is learning, mobilising and connecting faster than ever before.

ABC Refuse. Retract. Resist borders for children!

The fight against borders in our schools has stepped up a notch. Against Borders for Children (ABC) hosted its first conference and sent an nationwide email, in conjunction with civil rights group Liberty, to every headteacher in England.

Erasing Africa Migration Messaging and the Silence of Africa

When truth fails to strike a chord with people, we need to find a way to make it mean something instead of surrendering it to silence, along with the stories of those who struggle hardest to be heard.

collective expulsion Charter flight deportations: weeks of action

Charter flight deportations involve rounding up targeted nationalities in immigration raids, and deporting people en masse using secretive chartered flights. This week sees the start of a fortnight of action against these collective expulsions.

The Guardian Bringing solidarity home. The border is everywhere

The fight for refugee and migrant rights out there can’t be won without a radical political shift here, in the heart of Fortress Europe. The solidarity-based approach developed and demonstrated by the best of the independent volunteers has enormous potential to achieve this.

Nail Bar Blurring the line between slavery and migration

Victims of trafficking face jail and deportation, whilst the exploiters are simply fined. 97 workers arrested in "Operation Magnify".


Justice Defining torture, and detaining survivors

Detention centre rules stipulate that survivors of torture should not be detained, except in very exceptional circumstances. How these rules are applied has always been problematic, and recent changes seem to have made matters worse.

Justice Helping people get out of detention

After being detained for seven days or more, someone in immigration detention can apply for immigration bail. This is an application for release. To successfully apply for bail, the person in detention will need an address to be bailed to. In addition, it is very helpful to have a surety/cautioner.

Justice New power to remove while human rights appeal pending

From 1 December 2016, the “out of country” appeals regime is extended. In a power granted by the 2016 Immigration Act, the Home Office can remove someone from the UK even if they are appealing, or plan to appeal, on human rights grounds while the appeal is pending.



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