invisible I grew up living like a criminal – now I’m finding my voice

Victory Sanu-Goodness arrived in the UK at seven years old. Now 20, she is a writer, radio host, and youth activist. She co-hosts the Hearsay podcast, and writes here for the Right to Remain blog about overcoming the fear of speaking out as an undocumented youth.

Cage at Sea General election 2017: a chance to push detention to the top of the agenda

Ahead of the 2017 general election, we call on all parties to commit to introducing a maximum time-limit of 28 days on immigration detention – for everyone – as a vital first step in ending the harmful and unjust practice of detention altogether.

Erdogan Torture and Tyranny in Europe’s 'Safe Third Country'

Ann Hannah, Director of Policy and Advocacy at Freedom from Torture, writes of the increasing use of torture by the Turkish state, and the deafening silence from the UK and other governments.

Ijeoma Datha-Moore School census will force children like me into shadows

Ijeoma Datha-Moore of Just for Kids Law writes of her struggles with border enforcement as a child, and the Against Borders for Children campaign.

Refugees welcome? Are refugees welcome in Britain?

The conclusions of this report are clear. The asylum and move-on process creates serious and unnecessary social, financial, health and welfare problems for refugees from the day they arrive in the UK. This impacts negatively not just on individual refugees ability to rebuild their lives, but on our society as a whole.

ticking clock Safety should not have a ticking clock

Unsettling refugees: Over fifty organisations are calling on the Home Office to allow refugees to rebuild their lives in the UK, to be allowed settlement here, rather than face a “safe return review”.


van Reporting to the Home Office: exploring connections to detention and solidarity

As many required to report have stated, reporting creates exceptional anxiety and difficulty for those who are awaiting a decision on their status. Further it is a site of potential disappearance in to the UK’s detention and deportation system.

plane Charter flight deportations: 'ghost flights' that block access to justice

Charter flight removals/deportations are one of the shadiest aspects of the UK’s asylum and immigration process. Shielded from public oversight, information protected from freedom of information requests, every month these ‘ghost flights’ forcibly remove people en masse from the UK.

rainbow flag Why is the UK telling gay Afghans to go home and pretend to be straight?

In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that the Home Office could no longer refuse refugee status to LGBT+ people on the basis that they could return home and avoid persecution by hiding their sexuality. But new Home Office guidance on Afghanistan appears to contradict this ruling. This blog post explains the current legal and procedural situation.

Listen to the MaMa choir perform in Liverpool - "We are MAMA, migrant artists mutual aid, an organization that brings together migrants in crisis. We come together in a group of mainly women asylum seekers who feel themselves under threat of removal from the UK."

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Introduction to our Toolkit - an aid to understanding the asylum and immigration system in the UK, and taking action for the right to remain.

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