Right to Remain: campaigning for migration justice

Right to Remain is a national human rights organisation, founded in 1995 (as the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns). We provide advice, support and resources about campaigning for the right to remain in the UK, and campaigning for justice within the immigration and asylum system more broadly. Read more.

Conference 2014

Saturday 6 Sept, London

This year's annual conference - our first with the new name of Right to Remain - will be bigger and better than ever. Read more...


Campaign for Isabella Acevedo, Mark Harper MP’s former cleaner

Isabella, former cleaner for Mark Harper MP, was at her daughter’s wedding last week. Suddenly, 15 Immigration officers burst in to snatch her. She is now facing deportation to Colombia. You can help the campaign for her right to stay. Read article

Legal Aid Residence Test ruled unlawful

A scathing court judgment has ruled that the “residence test” for Legal Aid is unlawful. The judgement found that it was not within the Justice Secretary’s power to introduce the residence test, and that its blatantly discriminatory intentions and effects are unjustified. Read article

Parliamentary inquiry on detention: Your voice

The parliamentary inquiry into immigration detention is an important opportunity for those who have directly experienced detention, or who have seen its impact, to speak out, bear witness, and push for change. Right to Remain can help you get your message to Parliament Read article

Detained Fast Track asylum system ruled unlawful

In a landmark judgement, the High Court has ruled that the UK Home Office has been illegally operating the Detained Fast Track asylum system. The legal challenge was brought by our friends at Detention Action. Read article

Working together for the right to remain: Signing-support

Most people who have applied for leave to remain and have not had a positive decision have to regularly report at their local Home Office reporting centre or a police station. At every reporting visit, the person is at risk of detention. Signing-support is a practical action that local groups can organise, to help reduce the psychological burden of reporting, as the person going to sign knows that there is a plan in place if things go wrong and they are detained. Read the full article

Top tips: public campaigning for the right to remain

We support campaigning for the right to remain because it works: it can overcome the barriers to justice, and win the right to remain; and it can produce other benefits for the individual and the wider community too. Individuals’ campaigns for the right to remain are a crucial way of exposing the injustices of the asylum and immigration system, and improving people’s access to justice in their cases. Read the full article



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