award “I was never born to live in one place”: writing by young migrants

On Monday 10 April, Coram Voice announced the winners of Voices 2017, its national writing competition for care-experienced young people, at a ceremony attended by the shortlisted entrants and hosted by actor and Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi.

minorityreport There Is No White Working Class

New research reveals how government policy and rhetoric stereotypes and divides poor communities, making life much harder for migrants and asylum-seekers, explains Dr. Omar Khan, director of Runnymede, the UK’s leading independent think tank on race relations and inequality.

sheffield Learning, friendship and solidarity blossom in Sheffield

In Sheffield this month, Right to Remain and a new local volunteer group, Early Asylum Support, ran the second in our new programme of information sessions for newly-arrived asylum seekers. The sessions are focused on the crucial first steps of the legal process, and in particular the asylum substantive interview.

docs not cops Campaign against border enforcement in the NHS

On Wednesday 5 March, Docs Not Cops organised a #PatientsNotPassports day of action. Evan Luckes, a nurse in the Emergency Department at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, writes for the Right to Remain blog about the action and why they’re calling for a national campaign of non-compliance.

through her eyes Surviving disbelief and denial: women in the asylum appeals process

The vast majority of women seeking asylum in Britain are survivors. They need to go to court to win their right to asylum. They are subjected not only to the toxic culture of disbelief confronting British survivors but to a deeply embedded culture of denial. A new report by Asylum Aid is set to reveal how thoroughly that system is failing them.

women Empathy and active listening: liberal pursuit or transformative practice?

Tatiana Garavito: "we must actively listen, be more empathetic towards one another, even when and perhaps especially in confronting all the discrimination we face ... And we must find ways to organise that are truly inclusive and liberating, and which create space not just for others to grow, but for us to do so as well."


van Reporting to the Home Office: exploring connections to detention and solidarity

As many required to report have stated, reporting creates exceptional anxiety and difficulty for those who are awaiting a decision on their status. Further it is a site of potential disappearance in to the UK’s detention and deportation system.

plane Charter flight deportations: 'ghost flights' that block access to justice

Charter flight removals/deportations are one of the shadiest aspects of the UK’s asylum and immigration process. Shielded from public oversight, information protected from freedom of information requests, every month these ‘ghost flights’ forcibly remove people en masse from the UK.

rainbow flag Why is the UK telling gay Afghans to go home and pretend to be straight?

In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that the Home Office could no longer refuse refugee status to LGBT+ people on the basis that they could return home and avoid persecution by hiding their sexuality. But new Home Office guidance on Afghanistan appears to contradict this ruling. This blog post explains the current legal and procedural situation.



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