speaking out
CAMPAIGNS November 2017

“When you see injustice – speak out!”

On 2 November, human rights campaigners, union members, migrant rights groups, political representatives and other members of the public met in Manchester to campaign against immigration detention.

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CAMPAIGNS 16 Nov 2017
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CAMPAIGNS 9 Nov 2017
"I abhor the shutting down of society"

Julie Ward, MEP for the North West England region, has been a passionate supporter of migrant rights. Watch this video in support of the These Walls Must Fall campaign.

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immigration and police
NEWS 26 Oct 2017
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CAMPAIGNS November 2017

Teo and Marineta were just another European couple working in England. But when they lost their flat, instead of receiving help they were locked up in a detention centre. And that was just the beginning of their troubles.

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NEWS 24 Oct 2017
Reflections on Calais

We set out early on our return trip to Calais. The time difference between the UK and France means you lose an hour when traveling over; yet it’s the presence of tall fences, razor wire, and concrete walls everywhere that really give the feeling of having being through a time-warp.

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The Verne
NEWS 17 Oct 2017
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Video: Preparing for the asylum interview

The interview can be very difficult and stressful, and there’s much can go wrong. But there is also a lot you can do to prepare. Patricia in Sheffield speaks from experience.
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Sheffield zine

Zine: preparing for the asylum interview

This zine is to help you through the main “substantive” asylum interview with the UK Home Office. This is a crucial stage of the asylum process, and the zine provides information on some simple things you can do to prepare and feel more informed.

The content of the zine is based on Right to Remain's toolkit, Early Asylum Support Sheffield workshops and contains beautiful images and illustrations, making it accessible for people with only limited English language levels.

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Claiming asylum? Know your rights, be prepared

The asylum, or substantive, interview is one of the most important parts of your asylum application. Our Toolkit can help you to understand the procedures, know your rights, what you can do to prepare, and what to expect for the rest of the process.

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