The Right to Remain Toolkit is a unique guide to the UK immigration and asylum system, with actions you can take in support of your claim, or to help someone else.

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Unlocking Detention 2016 is here!

Unlocking Detention is a ‘virtual tour’ of the UK’s immigration detention estate – and of the impact of detention on communities across the UK. Each week, we ‘visit’ another of the UK’s detention centres and we hear from people who have been detained there (and who still are), visitors, NGOs and campaigners, and the families, friends, neighbours and communities affected by this policy.

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Say NO to borders in schools

From September 2016, the UK Government has required childminders, nurseries, schools and colleges to collect country-of-birth and nationality data for children aged between 2 and 19. This policy is unnecessary, divisive and puts vulnerable children at risk. Families and schools can take action to protect children..

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Incredulity and anger

Over the last few months, I’ve run several workshops across the UK, engaging communities on the issue of immigration detention and, specifically, the Unlocking Detention project which we (Right to Remain) co-run with Detention Action for the Detention Forum. People were bewildered. When I explained the facts of detention, they were confused, and angry.


Released but not yet free

A guest post on our legal blog, by Ravi Naik, head of public law at ITN solicitors on the Home Office's unlawful imposition of immigration curfews. The curfews imposed a condition that the person had to be at the residence named in their bail conditions between certain times.


Universities resist border controls

"Our visa status has been used by the Home Office and higher education institutions to create visible and invisible barriers that leave us vulnerable to institutional racism and xenophobia, housing discrimination, health discrimination..."


Huge court fees increase

As of 10 October, huge new fees apply to immigration and asylum appeals at the First-Tier Tribunal, severely impeding people's ability to access justice. The right to appeal an asylum and immigration decision by the Home Office is already a rare and precious thing as the government stripped away many previous appeal rights.


Right to Remain annual gathering 2016

“You know when you have a really inspirational day and you can’t wait to do the next thing? Well, the Right to Remain Gathering in Manchester was really inspirational ... It’s really fantastic to feel part of such a strong and diverse network”



Legal updates

Immigration and asylum law explained, in accessible language. This is our blog of legal resources for non-lawyers. With explanation of important legal developments in immigration, asylum and human rights law, and links to further resources. more

Country information

Info and resources for researching country of origin information for asylum applications. more

Detention centres

Details of immigration detention centres in the UK. more


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