15 November online Event: preparing our community for the impact of the Illegal Migration Act


About the session

The Illegal Migration Act 2023 has now been published, after receiving Royal Assent on 20 July 2023. This has inevitably plunged our communities and allies into a realm of uncertainty and fear, as people try to make sense of how the new legislation will affect them. 

At Right to Remain, we are taking a big deep breath to start reviewing and updating our Toolkit, to incorporate the changes that will happen as a result of the Illegal Migration Act.

And we need to be thinking ahead at the community level.

Are you grassroots groups working in solidarity with migrants, refugees & people seeking asylum, providing support to help people navigate the asylum and immigration system? You might also be a self-organised group of people who are going through the system right now. 

Would you like to participate in an informal on-line meeting to share with each other how we are preparing our community to face the impact of the Illegal Migration Act? 

Join us on 15th November, from 11am – 12:30pm, for a brainstorming session on Zoom looking at:

  • What we know about the Illegal Migration Act so far, including what has/has not been implemented
  • The impact the IMA might have on our communities
  • How to prepare for the changes

We know that our community of migrants, refugees, people seeking asylum need reliable information and radical solidarity to be able to continue to fight for their case, fight for their right to remain here and survive. If your group wants to have a chat to share concerns, needs, thinking, ideas, intelligence etc, do sign up for this session. 

We don’t know exactly what our future looks like but we know we need each other more than ever so that we can shape our future together.



On reaching the UK, people face a hostile environment. Without help, many will be forcibly sent back to the wars, persecution and misery they have fled.

Your donation will help us to help people in their struggle for the right to remain in the UK, and to campaign for migration justice


2 comments on “15 November online Event: preparing our community for the impact of the Illegal Migration Act

  1. Katharine Harrison on

    So sad to see this event is full- though it’s good so many people care!
    Will there be a repeat? Or a recording?


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