Call to action: #NotInOurName


Illustration by Migrants in Culture

We are inviting all of you to join in a mass virtual action – #NotInOurName – on Monday 4th September at noon to show our opposition to the Illegal Migration Act. This social media action is organised by JCWI and other organisations who are coordinating an open letter against the so-called Illegal Migration Act

The recently passed Illegal Migration Act has plunged our community and allies into a realm of uncertainty and fear, as people try to make sense of how the new legislation will affect them. What we do know is that we need to create  world, where we are all free from harm and danger. People seeking safety will inevitably be affected by the legislation and will face the threats of detention, deportation, no access to support and much more. 

It is a perfect moment to reassert that No One Is Illegal. And we need you, our community members and allies to do the same. At Right to Remain, on Monday, we will be proudly wearing our No One Is Illegal T-shirts to stand in solidarity with everyone who is affected by the Illegal Migration Act. We are encouraging you to take photos of yourself with any No One Is Illegal merch, and share the photos on social media platforms using the hashtag #NoOneIsIllegal. 

Here’s also a handy action guide prepared by JCWI – take a look! Toolkit: #NotInOurName Social Media Campaign

Below is our recommended social media message (we customised the suggestion made by JCWI and other colleagues!)

“The Inhumane Migration Act is #NotInOurName, because #NoOneIsIllegal

You can read more information about this social media action on the City of Sanctuary webpage here.

Sign the petition by following this link.

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