“I’ve had my life and purpose affirmed again and again by the asylum and refugee led groups who attend and shape our annual gathering, and by having a management committee which is balanced between those who are allies and those who are experts by experience. To be amongst these people, for me, has been being deeply and truly to be amongst ‘my people’.”

Housing 4 all protest

As Westminster debates the new contracts for asylum accommodation, Housing4All in Belfast have written about why these contracts and conditions must be human rights compliant.

Souvenir box made by a German internee, F.P.C., at Douglas Aliens Detention camp, Isle of Man, WW1

How does wartime opposition to internment compare to local anti-detention movements today? Turns out the language is surprisingly similar…

“Whatever you do, never stay in silence, get involved, run a workshop, raise awareness and challenge to change this unjust system!’

“Did you know that the Home Office has made nearly £100 million from charging children for the right to stay in what they call a free country?”

Sadly, immigration detention is nothing new.  But we can make it a thing of the past. Right to Remain has worked with the Refugee History project to produce a timeline of internment and detention in the UK from 1914 to the present day.

Last year, 15 people grounded a deportation charter flight for ten hours to prevent it taking off. They were due to stand trial in March this year but after a series of agonising delays the trial was adjourned. On Monday October 1st the trial re-starts, and they need our solidarity again.

lunch is not a luxury

Our friends at NELMA, North East London Migrant Action, are launching a new initiative to help families who are struggling with poverty and missing out on the free school meals safety net.

The Republic of Ireland announced plans for a new “regularisation scheme” to allow certain undocumented migrants to remain in the country legally.

The Labour Campaign for Free Movement is selling great t-shirts and tote bags with to raise money for their campaign, and are kindly donating half the proceeds to us!