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If you have made an immigration application or have claimed asylum you may have to report (sign) at the Home Office at a specified time each week, two weeks, or month or sometimes less regularly than this.

If you are asked to report, this is usually at the nearest immigration office to you – either a branch of the Home Office, or an immigration desk at a nearby police station.

At these appointments, you may just be asked to sign your name. Sometimes, the immigration officer may ask you questions. Although the appointment might only last a matter of minutes, you are also at risk of being detained at one of these appointments.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, reporting requirements have been paused for many people and largely reduced for others. Now that the lockdown measures are relaxing, the Home Office are likely to start to ask people to report again.

Migrants Organise have produced a checklist to help you see if your reporting requirements are appropriate to your situation. If the requirements aren’t appropriate, you may be able to challenge them. They have also produced a longer guide for advisers/caseworkers who are supporting people with reporting requirements.

It’s important that you are prepared in case the Home Office use a reporting event as an opportunity to try and detain you. You can read about how to be prepared in case of this happening, and how to get people to support you when you report in our guide to the asylum and immigration system.


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  1. Abu Hossain on

    Can you guide me to extend the report (signature) date or OFF the report (signature) date? Any application fills up and send to the home office. I m an asylum seeker and my application registration card there written NO WORK .can guide me to any section to apply for work because I m not working but can’t suffer. I want to take care of myself. not enough money from the charity where I taking now because they give me only three months? and I don’t believe any solicitor so please guide me to solve my problem. I do myself


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