Children ask the Home Office to stop blocking their rights


“Did you know that the Home Office has made nearly £100 million from charging children for the right to stay in what they call a free country?

I’m tired of this. I’m tired of hearing the government say it’s in our best interest.” –  Josephine

Five schools and over 140 pupils assembled at the Home Office this morning – on National Poetry Day –  for a poetry slam, asking why the government charges a £1000 fee for children born here to apply for citizenship.

There are thousands of children and young people across the UK who, even though they have the right to become British citizens by law, are blocked from becoming citizens because their families cannot afford the high cost of citizenship application fees. This currently stands at £1012 for children.

It only costs the Home Office around £350 to process such an application, and they have been widely accused of profiteering. As a first step, campaigners – which includes Citizens UK, Amnesty International, educational and community leaders, and the young people themselves – are calling on the government to reduce the application fee to its actual cost price.

Sign Amnesty International UK’s petition and join the 20,000 people calling on the Home Office to stop blocking children’s rights!

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