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The Home Office building in Liverpool

If you have evidence you wish to submit to the Home Office to consider as a fresh asylum or human rights claim after you are “appeal rights exhausted”, in most cases you need to make an appointment to submit the evidence in person at the Further Submissions Unit in Liverpool.

Read more about further submissions/fresh claims in the Right to Remain Toolkit here.

To make an appointment at the Further Submissions Unit in Liverpool, you need to telephone the Unit on 0151 213 2411.

However, we have been contacted by lots of people who have been finding it impossible to get through on this telephone number, even though they have tried many times, at different times of day.

There has been discussion among lawyers who have also experienced these frustrations at getting through on behalf of their clients – some have been trying to get through for more than six weeks! Some lawyers have found that they have been able to email the Home Office (with a letter of authority to act for their client), who have then rung them back to book an appointment, but this does not appear to be an option for members of the public.

One alternative is to write to the Further Submissions Unit and ask them to contact you to make an appointment (at Further Submissions Unit, The Capital, New Hall Place, Liverpool, L3 9PP).

One reader commented on this blog post to say:

You are right I spent 3 weeks calling, then went personaly to the HO liverpool where the security guard told me to write a letter which worked and they called me 3 days later and I submitted my papers on another 3 days.

Another recent development is the Home Office asking people (if they finally get through) to email a copy of their evidence, before an appointment is confirmed. Not everyone is being asked for this – but you should be prepared for this in case you are asked to do this.

March 2019 update: people are still experiencing huge difficulties getting through to the unit.

There have been two further suggestions for action.

  • One lawyer, “after days of frustration”, made a formal complaint to the Home Office using the email address The lawyer informed the Home Office that after numerous calls on different days the Further Submission Unit did not pick up any call. He encourages others to make similar complaints.
  • Another suggestion from a reader of our blog is to contact your MP, explaining the widespread nature of the problem, and the particular experience you have had. Find out who your MP is and how to contact them here.


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19 comments on “Contacting the Further Submissions Unit

  1. Has on

    You are right I spent 3 weeks calling, then went personaly to the HO liverpool where the security guard told me to write a letter which worked and they called me 3 days later and I submitted my papers on another 3 days.
    Now I granted Humanity protection but not received the Biometric I’d for more than a month no call no letters, benefit

    • RtR on

      Thank you for sharing your experience – this is really useful for others to hear. And congratulations on the good news about your status.

      You can ask your lawyer to speak to the Home Office about issuing your papers (or if you don’t have a lawyer any longer, you can ask your MP).

    • Athif on

      I have submitted my further submission last year December I have submitted my biometric fingerprints March 5th
      I’m waiting for decision can anybody tell me how long it will take to give decisions plz

      • RtR on

        Hi Has. Unfortunately there’s no way to tell how long a decision will take. Even in normal times, people sometimes wait many months (even over a year) after submitting their evidence. Some people receive a decision much more quickly than that, though there is likely to be further delays because of the Covid-19 crisis.

  2. Daisy on

    My husband has made a application for the further submissions unit Liverpool over 12 months ago and he has still not has a response back. He is still not allowed to work or claim benefits ect. I have tried calling and sending numerous emails but i am always getting fobbed off, i have even made a complaint about the services and still in have had nothing. What do you suggest i do?

  3. Sadia on

    Hi…i also trying to get an appointment but they are not picking call.please give me any other way to contact them.please reply me back.thanks

  4. M Alam on

    I am submitted my further submission in 17 february 2018. But i cnt get any respons from HO still now. Can i get any suggestion about my submission?

    • RtR on

      There is no set time that the Home Office take to make decisions on further submissions – and it can be many months, or as in your case, over a year.

      If you would like to try and speed up a decision, you can ask your lawyer to contact the Home Office. You can also ask your MP to contact the Home Office (more information on that here):

      It’s important to remember, however, that if you push the Home Office for a decision, you may be speeding up a negative decision, so you need to be prepared for that outcome.

      This includes possible detention and the Home Office attempting to remove him. It’s important to be prepared. Please read our Toolkit section on preparing in case of detention here: and Removal here:

  5. Karim on

    Good morning,

    I went to Liverpool in May 2017 for my further submission. Was given a receipt and told that it should take about 6 months for a decision. January, 14 2020, still nothing. I still have to report every fortnight in solihull. Ive lived in the U.K since 2001. Ive got a degree and all. I dont even know what to do anymore?

    • RtR on

      I’m sorry to hear about your situation. You do have the option of contacting the Home Office and asking them to make a decision (or when they will make a decision) – you can do this yourself, through your lawyer, or even through your MP if you don’t have a lawyer HOWEVER you must be aware of the risks of doing this. Chasing the Home Office may make them make a decision quicker, but this could be a negative decision (85% of further submissions are rejected by the Home Office). If they refuse you, you are at risk of being detained and removed so you need to be very clear what your legal options are, and have a plan.

      Take a look at the Right to Remain Toolkit information on preparing in case of detention: and for people facing removal from the UK:

  6. A on

    Hi is there any fees that home office take For Further submissions in Liverpool If we sent through lawyers or by our self ? in any way dose home office charge any money at all or not??? Please some one answer thank you

    • RtR on

      Hi there. There’s no fee to pay to the Home Office (whether you are submitting by yourself of with a lawyer) if the further submissions are based on a protection (asylum or humanitarian protection) claim.

      If your further evidence is based just on your human rights (your right to family/private life), you may have to pay a fee unless you are successful in applying for a fee waiver (see more on that here: However, in these circumstances you wouldn’t be submitting in person in Liverpool, it’s an online application.

  7. Augustina on

    Can anyone help me on what to do?I made my further submission 5th February 2020 in person as a mother of a British citizen,did my biometric same day.Up till now have not heard anything from the HO.I need help pls

    • RtR on

      Hi there. Unfortunately a lot of people have been waiting for a long time for further submissions decisions. You (or your lawyer if you have one) could try contacting the Further Submissions Unit for an update – their email address is

      You should be aware, however, that asking the Home Office for a decision more quickly could be pushing them to make a *negative* decision more quickly – it’s really important to be prepared in case your further submissions are rejected. At this point, you are risk of detention and the Home Office attempting removal. Please read our information here to be prepared for the worst case situation, and we hope that you have good news instead:

  8. Mohammed on

    I made my further submission 2019 and still waiting for home office to make a decision i would like to know what i need to do can somebody advice me i’m very upset because i have been waiting long time and still waiting Respect.


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