Contacting the Further Submissions Unit

The Home Office building in Liverpool

If you have evidence you wish to submit to the Home Office to consider as a fresh asylum or human rights claim after you are “appeal rights exhausted”, in most cases you need to make an appointment to submit the evidence in person at the Further Submissions Unit in Liverpool.

Read more about further submissions/fresh claims in the Right to Remain Toolkit here.

To make an appointment at the Further Submissions Unit in Liverpool, you need to telephone the Unit on 0151 213 2411.

However, we have been contacted by lots of people who have been finding it impossible to get through on this telephone number, even though they have tried many times, at different times of day.

There has been discussion among lawyers who have also experienced these frustrations at getting through on behalf of their clients – some have been trying to get through for more than six weeks! Some lawyers have found that they have been able to email the Home Office (with a letter of authority to act for their client), who have then rung them back to book an appointment, but this does not appear to be an option for members of the public.

One alternative is to write to the Further Submissions Unit and ask them to contact you to make an appointment (at Further Submissions Unit, The Capital, New Hall Place, Liverpool, L3 9PP). We know this has worked for some lawyers but we do not know if the Home Office is responding to people without legal representatives.

Another recent development is the Home Office asking people (if they finally get through) to email a copy of their evidence, before an appointment is confirmed. Not everyone is being asked for this – but you should be prepared for this in case you are asked to do this.

March 2019 update: people are still experiencing huge difficulties getting through to the unit.

There have been two further suggestions for action.

  • One lawyer, “after days of frustration”, made a formal complaint to the Home Office using the email address The lawyer informed the Home Office that after numerous calls on different days the Further Submission Unit did not pick up any call. He encourages others to make similar complaints.
  • Another suggestion from a reader of our blog is to contact your MP, explaining the widespread nature of the problem, and the particular experience you have had. Find out who your MP is and how to contact them here.


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