Great new resource on age assessments from All4One group

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The All4One group has launched a brilliant new resource on age assessments. The All4One group, based with GMIAU, are in Greater Manchester and have themselves experienced age assessments.

What is an age assessment?

As the group say in their resource:

Sometimes people arrive in the UK without any
documents showing their age.

If the Home Office or a social worker thinks someone who says they are a child might be older and they cant prove their age with documents then they might carry out something called an age assessment.

An age assessment is used to decide what date of birth the someone will have in the UK.

What is in the guide?

The guide explains:

  • who is who in the age assessment
  • who else in involved in your care
  • what happens at an age assessment
  • what questions were asked in the authors’ assessments
  • the Home Office age assessment process
  • possible outcomes from referral to a social worker
  • Local Authority age assessment process
  • how to challenge an age assessment
  • challenging an age assessment in court
  • what helps if you’re feeling stressed
  • what to do if your age is not accepted.


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