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Find out how to use the Right to Remain Toolkit website (our guide to the UK asylum and immigration system): how to navigate it, the different features it has, and all the useful information and advice you can find in it.


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  1. Imran J on

    Hello righttoremain team

    First, I want to thank you for your time in answering all of these questions.

    Context – I am in temporary accommodation (hostel) for a year now in London and before two months, I was told I will be given dispersal accommodation in London. But still, they did not take me there. I have a right to work and recently secured a graduate-level job for which I am preparing to start soon.

    I have two questions to raise
    1- is there anything the migrant help or any other body that can assist me to get affordable private accommodation rent?
    2- If I happen to move outside London, how will my case be affected (in terms of processing time)?


    • RtR on

      Hi Imran.

      1) I don’t think this is something Migrant Help usually help with, but a local asylum organisation to you might be able to give advice (or a local housing charity). One thing you may need to do if you’re wanting to look for housing in the private accommodation sector is get confirmation from the Home Office that you have the “right to rent” as a landlord may ask for this.

      2) It’s not possible to say if moving outside London will affect the case processing – it isn’t clear that are regional variations to delays (we are not hearing about, for example, some people in one area waiting a long time but in another, cases being decided quickly). Moving your location may mean your case is transferred to another team, which might cause some disruption, but again that isn’t definite. The Home Office are also now moving to teams in different locations looking at different types of asylum cases (based on some country of origins, for example), so it may not matter which location you are in.

      Sorry to not be able to give more concrete information!


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