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Many people are trying to understand the situation for Afghans in the UK who do not have immigration status, and for people still in Afghanistan with possible rights to come to the UK.

There are many things that are still unclear – people who were evacuated out of Kabul have received different length visas; people who are in the UK may be hearing different things from the Home Office and the courts. The situation is likely to change quite a lot, and the Home Office will hopefully share more information about the situation for people in the UK, and for people wanting to be resettled.

In the meantime, here are some useful resources for people wanting more information. (Updated 11 October)

Information from Hope Projects in Birmingham for Afghans seeking asylum in the UK. The information is translated into Dari and Pashto.

Information from GMIAU in Manchester for people in Afghanistan, and for Afghans in the UK.

Asylos’ list of country of origin information about Afghanistan – being updated weekly (this may be a useful place to find information for a fresh claim, see below).

The Home Office released new versions of their country guidance notes on 6 October 2021. Home Office caseworkers will use these documents to make decisions on Afghan asylum claims. You can find the guidance documents here, and a useful summary on the Free Movement website here.

Right to Remain’s information on asylum fresh claims – this information may be useful to Afghans in the UK who have been refused asylum. It is about the legal process for making a fresh claim, it is not specific to Afghanistan. You can use the Google Translate bar to translate the information into Pashto and Farsi (Google Translate calls Farsi “Persian”).


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