Inspection of asylum casework: call for evidence

Legal Updates

The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration is doing an inspection of Asylum Casework:

“For this latest inspection, I would be particularly interested to hear from those with first-hand experience of the asylum process regarding:

  • the accessibility, clarity and adequacy of Home Office policies and guidance in relation to the asylum process, including country of origin information
  • the availability, costs and quality of advice and support for asylum seekers
  • the quality of screening interviews, substantive interviews and asylum decisions, including for asylum seekers who have protected characteristics
  • timescales, including the reasons for delays
  • communications, including decision letters and Home Office responsiveness to queries and challenges”

The deadline to provide evidence (by email) is 14 August.

If you would like to provide evidence about your experience of the above, please note the Inspector cannot investigate individual cases or make decisions in your legal case – your evidence would be used to create a larger picture of how the Home Office is operating, so the Inspector can make recommendations for improvement.


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