Knowledge is Power Online Workshop – 24 August 2022 – morning session

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Online Workshop 24 August 2022, 10:30am to 12noon

Registration is now closed for this session. However, we still have places for the evening session on the same day.

This online workshop introduces you to the Right to Remain Toolkit: The Guide to the UK asylum and immigration system.

We are now running a series of entry-level online workshops to assist an increasing number of people who are new to the asylum and immigration system and new to the Toolkit.  

Accessed by over a quarter of a million users a year, our Toolkit is free to use, and it’s for people who want to learn more about the legal process, or a particular part of the legal process. You might be making an application or are thinking about it; you might be helping someone else to do so. 

It has been said time and time again over the years that people find it extremely difficult to find a lawyer – currently there is no solution in sight to this problem. Many people also spend a long time caught up in the system because of a huge backlog at the Home Office. 

Right to Remain’s Toolkit exists to empower people who are going through the system and their supporters to know more and take practical steps to progress cases. We are stepping up in our efforts to make the Toolkit more available to more people. Come to our short online session and learn how to navigate this vast resource, so that you have the best chance of helping yourself and others to get through the system. 

The workshop will cover:

  • How to use the Right to Remain Toolkit and other tools, such as legal updates, videos, translations, Young Asylum Guide and Asylum Navigation Board.
  • An overview of the stages of the asylum system.
  • The difference between legal support and legal advice.

Please book your place below and we look forward to seeing you there.


On reaching the UK, people face a hostile environment. Without help, many will be forcibly sent back to the wars, persecution and misery they have fled.

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