New “If You Have Children” section of the Right to Remain Toolkit

Legal Updates

This week, we have launched a new and improved section of the Right to Remain Toolkit.

The  “If You Have Children in the UK” page – previously called “rights of the child” – looks at applying for the right to remain in the UK as the parent of a child who may have the right to remain.  This could be if you meet certain criteria and your child has British citizenship or may be eligible for citizenship; or if your child has lived in the UK for seven years.  

If your child isn’t British and hasn’t lived in the UK for seven years, you may be able to make an application to stay based on your right to family life, though this is more difficult.

The page also includes a new website feature – dropdown boxes you can click on to get more information on legal issues, meaning there is less to read on the screen for people who don’t want as much detail.


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