New Research: Deportability and the Family


Important new research investigates the intersection of family life and immigration enforcement for mixed-immigration status couples in the UK.

The research explores the juggling of immigration precariousness and family life, and the impact of immigration status insecurity and enforcement on whole families, including children and British and EEA citizens. The research also investigates changing policy constructs and evaluations of fathers, the family and ‘genuine’ relationships, as well as the impact of new legislation around deportation and Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (respect for one’s private and family life).

The research included following 30 affected families, interviewing practitioners from the legal, private, state and NGO sectors, observing deportation appeals and other immigration hearings, and analysis of political and media rhetoric.

Listen to the lead researcher, Dr Melanie Griffiths from the University of Bristol, explain the project in more detail:

The policy reports can be read in full here.


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