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We’ve had such great feedback about our asylum navigation board, developed with Dr Vicky Canning of Bristol University and designed and printed by Calverts Cooperative.

As Vicky wrote recently on the Border Criminologies blog:

How can we collectively ensure that people obtain accurate information in a way that enables a recognition that this is a system built to make gaining asylum difficult? With legal advice at its most sparse and prices for representation increasing, there are ever more ways for inaccurate information to drip through to people who are newly arrived and do not understand each step of the asylum process. Moreover, considering that inaccurate information can have devastating effects for a person’s claim to asylum, how do we enable correct information to be distributed from the offset?

It was from this starting point that the Right to Remain asylum navigation board has developed. The board acts as two things: firstly, it is a pedagogic tool for facilitators working with people seeking asylum (including people who have themselves been through the process) to outline each step of the system.  Information cards align with colours, and the Right to Remain toolkit acts as a further guide for each stage. From there, each colour on the board aligns with cards highlighting potential problems and solutions.

Secondly, the board aims to work as a consciousness-raising tool. The words uttered by Ala, ‘I’m just no good’ are a manifestation of the individualising, dehumanising effects of the process of seeking asylum for many of the people who go through it. By bringing people together who have similar experiences, the board is a vehicle for discussion, mutual aid and collective recognition of the endemic issues embedded in the system itself.

The board, as well as providing vital information and encouraging sustainable communities of collective knowledge, is beautifully designed.

Calverts wrote on their blog:

Our designer selected FS Me as the typeface for the text on the board and the cards because it is designed specifically to improve legibility for people with learning disabilities, a group who often face additional challenges navigating the asylum system.

The board itself is Brilliantia 4095 Grey card stock printed in CMYK colour on one side with cloth on the reverse. The box also includes a set of A6 cards, game instructions, two small wooden figures, and die cut foam inner to hold everything in place.

Feedback so far

We’ve been delighted with all the positive feedback so far, especially hearing about people who have experienced the asylum process themselves learning from it and contributing their own expertise.

One group reported back “Fantastic – we use it every Tuesday as part of our English class to explain the asylum system”.

You can order your copy of the navigation board on our website here.


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