Right to Remain Toolkit festival, Newcastle

Calling Newcastle upon Tyne!

On 12th July, we will be holding fifth Right to Remain Toolkit Festival in Newcastle upon Tyne!

This event, held at Recovery College Collective in the City Centre, will bring together communities, organisations and groups from across the city and beyond, for a day of workshops, talks, discussion and networking. This is an opportunity to connect, share knowledge, and build radical solidarity in the migration justice sector.

You can expect to:

  • Celebrate 10 years of the Toolkit!
  • Participate in our interactive workshops looking at stages of the asylum process, the substantive interview, and changes made by the NABA
  • Learn how to give legal support safely, without giving legal advice
  • Connect with other groups supporting people seeking asylum in Newcastle upon Tyne, and the North East.

This event is free for people who are currently going through the asylum and immigration system and for volunteers of unfunded organisations.

For funded organisations, tickets are £10 per person.

Why are we charging for tickets?

We have now introduced small fees for volunteers and workers of funded organisations to attend our workshops. This is to mitigate no shows and maximise attendance, and allow our very small staff team to plan their work and allocate their time more efficiently.

The tickets are £10 for any organisation with income.

But don’t worry – people who are currently going through the asylum and immigration system and volunteers of unfunded organisations can continue to attend our workshops for free.  Just use

We are accepting a maximum of 2 people per organisation to ensure that the workshop content is available to a wider pool of people.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Esther.

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