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If you would like to receive a copy or copies of the Toolkit, you can order it online:

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Earlier this year, we launched the online version of our brand new Right to Remain Toolkit.  The money to create the Toolkit came from public donations to our crowdfunding appeal, and we are very grateful to all the individuals who helped make this project a reality.

At Right to Remain we receive no government funding. All our funding comes through grants from charitable trusts and donations from the public.  We are committed to constantly updating the online Toolkit – laws, policies and procedures frequently change, and we also add in good ideas for supporting people that we hear from the groups we work with across the UK.   If you are ever able to make a direct donation, or take out a regular bank standing order to support our work keeping the Toolkit updated, you can find out how at our website.

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Understanding the asylum and immigration system, and your own legal case, is more important than ever.   Cuts to legal aid (free, government-funded legal representation) mean that more and more people have no lawyer at all and are forced to navigate this very complicated system without legal representation.

The Right to Remain Toolkit helps people to take an active role in their legal case. Even if you have a lawyer, it’s important to understand your own legal case – this is your case and your life and you need to keep track of what is happening and whether the lawyer is doing the things they should be. You will also learn in the Toolkit what you and your supporters can do to help strengthen the legal case.  There are yellow ACTION SECTIONS throughout the Toolkit which give examples and advice of practical steps people can take to strengthen their legal case, or to be protected from the harm the asylum and immigration system can inflict.  These kinds of solidarity actions are more important than ever, with so much hostility and hate surrounding us. 


The online version of the Toolkit can be found here.

The online version of the Toolkit will always be the most up-to-date, but we’ve been told by the people who use our Toolkit most that a hardcopy book is vital.  Not everyone has frequent access to the internet, and individuals and groups using our Toolkit like to sit down with each other and go through the relevant sections, or even the whole book!


We’re delighted to announce that we now have hardcopies of the Toolkit available!  Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be getting the Toolkit out to the communities that need them most.

If you would like to receive a copy or copies of the Toolkit, you can order it online:

Order printed Toolkits

If you are from a funded organisation, or you are an individual who can afford to make a donation, we ask that you contribute a small donation.  For those who have no funds or who cannot afford it, the Toolkit is totally free!


One comment on “Right to Remain Toolkit now available in hardcopy print version

  1. Lord Elias Apetsi on

    Thanks so so much for the wonderful work you have been doing helping refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants in the UK.
    I am the NUS officer for Refugees and Asylum Seeking Students in education here in the UK.
    I have a massive task to create a system for and within NUS, so we can help and support our Students.
    We need your help, support and advice, so kindly help me organise a system and sets of Policies to help our Students.
    I will be sending you email to officially introduce myself.
    Thank You once again for the good work.
    Lord Apetsi @Lordapetsi



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