Rwanda Info Session – Wednesday 1 May, 11am – 12.30pm

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Many of you have read the Guardian newspaper article that came on Sunday, indicating that the Home Office starts detaining people for the Rwanda flight today, on 29 April. According to the article, this surprise operation will last for two weeks. It adds ‘It is thought the move’s launch has been timed to coincide with Thursday’s local council elections in England, to boost Rishi Sunak’s claims he is cracking down on illegal migration.’ 

‘Politics over people’s lives’ culture continues. 

On Wednesday 1st May, we will be hosting an online webinar to share what we know so far. Join to learn more about the Rwanda Act and Treaty, as set out in our recent blog. Register at the bottom of this page.

The session will look at:

  • Basic information sharing about the Rwanda Act and Treaty
  • Who is at risk of being detained and what to do
  • Immigration raids and what to do if you see a raid

Please note, this is an information sharing session. We do not give legal advice. Because of the number of sign ups to the event we will be running this as a webinar, with limitations on audience participation.

It is a particularly frightening time for people who are going through the asylum and immigration system, and who have been ground down by the Hostile Environment. We know that people are scrambling for information, fearful of what might happen to them. 

Accurate information, explained in a calm, clear manner, helps people to understand what is happening to them, what might happen to them, think about how to prepare for it and what they want to do. We believe that small grassroots groups, with direct, close connections with migrants, are best placed to help them understand their situation, because they trust you and they feel comfortable asking you questions and discussing the situation together.

We repeat – we need to be building a bigger tent, calling for support and solidarity from groups and people around you. We will survive this by making our radical solidarity the norm – and we will create a society that protects everyone.

Who is this event for? 

All are welcome to this event, and there is no limit on how many can join. Please share widely. 

For security purposes, if you are able to sign up with your work email address, please do so.

The Zoom link will be sent to you the night before the event, and again 15 mins before. Please look out for the link at this time, and email if you cannot find it.


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