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On 30 March, the Home Office fully opened the Settled Status scheme, for EU citizens and their family members who wish to remain living in the UK after Brexit.

The deadlines for applying are December 2020 if the UK leaves the EU without a deal; or June 2021 if there is a deal.

Irish citizens in the UK do not have to apply. EU citizens who have indefinite leave to remain don’t have to apply for settled status but there are circumstance in which you may wish to (for example, if you think you might need to spend more than 2 years outside the UK).

EU citizens with permanent residence (and their family members) will need to apply under the Settled Status scheme and permanent residency documents will become invalid after the application deadline for settled status.

Here’s a helpful, accessible introduction video made by Imix:

Are you an EU citizen living in the UK? Did you know that you have to apply for settled status? from IMiX on Vimeo.

There have, unsurprisingly, been lots of issues with the application process. While the grant rate is expected to be high, the Home Office has still not made decisions on many applications and some people have found they have been granted Pre-Settled Status (when you haven’t lived or can’t prove you have lived in the UK for five years) when they believe they should have been granted Settled Status.

It is currently looking like there will be no appeal right if your application is refused. At the moment, your options will either be to submit more or different evidence (if the Home Office contact you to do this), or administrative review.

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Other resources

Home Office guidance on Settled Status in English and 15 other languages (with more languages to come) here.

Detailed information in Free Movement’s new handbook (£4.99) here.

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  1. Catharina Kammers on

    It would be great if it was all working properly, the app doesn’t support any of my mobile devices and waiting for an email to confirm is waiting til Christmas, so a lot is wrong at the moment and impossible to enter the sheme


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