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Seeking asylum in the UK can be a difficult process. People often feel that they are alone or isolated. It can be a long period of uncertainty.

The Right to Remain asylum navigation board is a way to understand each step of the asylum system, from application to decision. Participants can learn about what people going through the system and those supporting them can do to be in a better position. As the counter moves around the board, participants can pick up Information Cards which outline what that stage of the process is, and how it can be navigated.

Many problems can arise during the process of seeking asylum. For each stage on the board, participants can pick up Problem cards for that stage of the process (colour coded to match the stage on the board). There are ideas for possible solutions to those problems on the reverse Action side of the card. Further information is included in the enclosed Right to Remain Toolkit.

Board created with Dr Victoria Canning of Bristol University and produced by Calverts Cooperative.

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Box contains: 1 navigation board, two wooden counters, a copy of the Right to Remain Toolkit, Problem and Action cards, and Information Cards for each stage on the board. 

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