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People leave their homes and come to the UK for many reasons. People are fleeing war, persecution and poverty; are coming to join family in the UK; are coming here to work or study. It’s not easy to make it here, and when people arrive the struggle isn’t over. People are faced with a Hostile Environment denying them basic rights, and major obstacles to establishing their legal rights to stay.

We help people overcome these obstacles, and we work with others to build a world where everyone can exercise their right to remain with dignity and humanity, where they need to be.

We help people to survive and succeed in navigating the UK’s complex and often cruel asylum and immigration system.

We bring communities together to share their struggles and expertise as we fight together for migration justice.

Support our work with a regular standing order (which really helps us to plan our future work and do more, better) or a one-off donation.

A regular standing order from your bank is the best way to support Right to Remain financially. For small organisations like us, it really helps for us to know we can carry on doing our vital work – and even do more. It’s easy to set up a regular donation to us – just contact us, and we’ll send you the details.

£10 a month would be great, more would be fantastic if you can afford it, but even £2 a month from lots of people would quickly make a real difference to our sustainability to continue our unique work, which is more in demand than ever.

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Or, you can make a one-off donation using the button below.

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