Zine: preparing for your asylum interview

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Free for people seeking asylum
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Minimum donation £2.50

This zine is to help you through the main “substantive” asylum interview with the UK Home Office. This is a crucial stage of the asylum process, and the zine provides information on some simple things you can do to prepare and feel more informed.

The content of the zine is based on Right to Remain’s toolkit, Early Asylum Support Sheffield workshops and contains beautiful images and illustrations, making it accessible for people with only limited English language levels.

Please consider making a donation to support the ongoing project of publishing and disseminating the zine (the zine has been designed on a voluntary basis). If this is not possible, please donate £2.50 to cover postage costs.

If you are seeking asylum and require the zine, we will send you one for free. You do not need to make a donation or cover postage costs.

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