Volunteer translators needed


Could you use your language skills to help people find sanctuary in the UK?

This is a call-out for volunteers to help translate the Right to Remain Toolkit, a user-friendly guide to the UK asylum and immigration system.

We are looking to put together a group of volunteers to translate key sections of the Toolkit. The group will work collectively, sometimes meeting up but also using online collaboration tools.

Currently the languages we are aiming for are Tigrinya, Kurdish Sorani, Farsi, Pashto.

Update: we have had such an amazing response from French and Arabic speakers in just a few days of publicising our call-out that we have now taken those languages off the list!  Thank you to everyone who got in touch about French and Arabic translations.

The incredible response continues, and with our tiny team of just two members of staff, we may not be able to respond to every email – apologies for this, and thank you for contacting us nonetheless!

The Right to Remain Toolkit has comprehensive information on the asylum and immigration legal system and processes. It’s a unique resource used by people going through the system to understand their rights and options, and by friends, family, volunteers and workers helping them. When people reach the UK, they face a complex, hostile legal system. Without help most will be refused, and face being forcibly sent back to the wars, persecution and misery they have fled.

The text to be translated includes some complicated and technical legal language. Getting it into plain English has been a challenge, so translations of these sections will not be simple. We need a team of excellent translators, fluent in English and the target languages who can work together on this vital project. Your language skills could save lives.

If you think you can help, please get in touch.

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