February 2024

Over the last 18 months, Right to Remain has been reconnecting with our old friends, as well as making new connections with groups and people. These are groups who are doing solidarity work with migrants, people seeking asylum, refugees and other people affected by the Hostile Environment, and using our Toolkit in one way or another. 

These connections are important to us – and important to other groups in the migration justice movement, who are looking for other like-minded groups in their region as well as in other parts of the UK. We are building knowledge and radical solidarity in our communities – so that we can build power to challenge and change this asylum and immigration system. Connections between us are the foundations of mutual aid and people power – we want to honour and value them, particularly small grassroots groups. And we want you to do the same, collectively. 

To boost radical solidarity, we have created the Right to Remain Directory of groups whom we have had direct contact with lately and who are, indirectly through us, connected with each other. Many of them use the Toolkit, albeit in different ways, enabling all of us to understand and share the struggle of navigating the hostile asylum and immigration system. 

Our records show that we have worked with over 350+ such groups in less than 2 years, many of them small grassroots organisations. Each group works with many individuals who are navigating the immigration system, trying to exercise their rights to survive and thrive. We know that, together, we are generating a tremendous amount of solidarity and hope. 

Transferring this list of 350+ odd groups onto our website has been a mammoth task for our micro staff team. The list is not complete yet and some sections remain under construction – but here it is. Its region-by-region page lists the names of the organisation, their website addresses and very broad descriptions of what they do. We intend to annually update this list. 

If your group has been a passionate user of our Toolkit but your name isn’t there, please email us at esther(at)righttoremain.org.uk, with your organisation’s address / location and website address. We would love to connect or reconnect with you. Also if we have your details wrong, or you do not want your details listed or have any feedback, please let us know.