The Right to Remain Toolkit is a guide to the UK immigration and asylum system. It gives an overview of the legal system and procedures, with detailed information on rights and options at key stages, and actions you can take in support of your claim, or to help someone else.

Why is the Toolkit needed?

Understanding the asylum and immigration system, and your own legal case, is more important than ever. Cuts to legal aid (free, government-funded legal representation) mean that more and more people have no lawyer at all and are forced to navigate this very complicated system without legal representation.

Take an active role in your legal case. The Right to Remain Toolkit will help you do this. Even if you have a lawyer, it’s important to understand your own legal case – this is your case and your life and you need to keep track of what is happening and whether the lawyer is doing the things they should be. You will also learn what you and your supporters can do to help strengthen your legal case. Look out for the yellow ACTION SECTION boxes throughout the Toolkit!

Don’t try and get through this alone. Have good people around you who can support you. With people standing by you in solidarity, you are more likely to be able to keep going, and keep fighting for justice in your case.

Know your rights at different stages of the system, and know what the options are for the stage you are at. Knowing what could come next will help you prepare. The Right to Remain Toolkit will help you do this.

How to use the online Toolkit

Toolkit sections in other languages

Some sections of the Tookit (in summarised form) have been translated into other languages.

You can find all the translated resources by putting the language in at the end of the website address, for example

If a page doesn’t come up, that means we haven’t got translations in that language (yet!) – see below about supporting the Toolkit.

The languages we have are listed below, click on the buttons to go to the pages.

Support the Toolkit project

We are committed to keeping the Toolkit continuously up-to-date, and getting the information out to individuals and communities who need it most, free of charge. To do this we need your help.

If you work for a funded organisation and use the Toolkit, or if you can afford to help, please consider making a donation for our continuing work making sure people understand their legal case, are aware of their rights and know how to take action to secure the right to remain: