Last year, 15 people grounded a deportation charter flight for ten hours to prevent it taking off. They were due to stand trial in March this year but after a series of agonising delays the trial was adjourned. On Monday October 1st the trial re-starts, and they need our solidarity again.

Legal Updates

Last night, activists blockaded Stansted Airport to stop the departure of the scheduled charter flight mass deportation to Nigeria and Ghana. At the time of writing, the blockade continues and the charter flight has not departed. Why have activists taken such a drastic action?

Charter flight removals/deportations are one of the shadiest aspects of the UK’s asylum and immigration process.

Shielded from public oversight, information protected from freedom of information requests, every month these ‘ghost flights’ forcibly remove people en masse from the UK.

Legal Updates

Following on from their brilliant 2013 report,  “Collective Expulsion: the case against mass deportation charter flights”, Corporate Watch have produced a new factsheet to provide updating information on the mass deportations carried out by the UK government.