In June 2019, the Home Office updated its internal guidance on conducting asylum (substantive interviews).

The guidance is a really useful document to read. Although sadly Home Office practice currently falls far short of what is supposed to happen on paper (see our news blog for more on this), it’s helpful for people to know what should and shouldn’t be happening in their interviews. When you know what is meant to be done, it is easier to challenge (either at the time, or subsequently) behaviour that goes against the guidance.

A new audio-video resource, based on the Right to Remain Toolkit and made with help from our friends MaMa in Liverpool.

Thanks to a long-fought campaign by Asylum Aid and their Protection Gap advocates (which you can read about here) childcare for the asylum substantive interview is now available at all 8 hubs where substantive asylum interviews take place across the UK. Childcare is available for male and female single parents with children under 5 years old.

In Sheffield this month, Right to Remain and a new local volunteer group, Early Asylum Support, ran the second in our new programme of information sessions for newly-arrived asylum seekers.

The sessions are focused on the crucial first steps of the legal process, and in particular the asylum substantive interview. The content is based on the Right to Remain Toolkit and the constant learning we do with asylum seekers and their supporters in communities across the UK.