8:00pm to 8:00am, 365 nights a year: Glasgow night shelter


This week, we ran a workshop on the asylum process for volunteers at the Glasgow night shelter. The shelter provides emergency accommodation for destitute people seeking asylum, and other people with no recourse to public funds.

Set up in 2011, the shelter is located in the Tradeston area of Glasgow and is run by a small staff team and volunteers. It operates from 8:00pm to 8:00am, 365 nights a year, and provides guests with a hot evening meal and breakfast, a safe and warm place to sleep, and practical advice and information.

As the Shelter says:

Our guests are at the sharp end of the government’s hostile environment; a set of dehumanising policies designed to force people into destitution, leave them with no access to social security benefits, no right to work to support themselves and no entitlement even to make use of statutory homelessness services.

The night shelter is, sadly, an essential lifeline.

You can donate to their work here or find out about volunteering here.


On reaching the UK, people face a hostile environment. Without help, many will be forcibly sent back to the wars, persecution and misery they have fled.

Your donation will help us to help people in their struggle for the right to remain in the UK, and to campaign for migration justice



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