4 actions you can take to support the Yarl’s Wood strikers


This post first appeared on the SOAS Detainee Support website.


On Wednesday 21st of February a large group of women and men held in Yarl’s Wood Immigration Detention Centre organised a coordinated 3-day hunger strike. The demands have been posted on the Detained Voices website.

They include:

  • Amnesty for those who have lived in the UK 10 years and above
  • End indefinite detention – Detention periods shouldn’t be longer than 28 days
  • End Charter flights – Charter flights are inhumane because there are no prior notifications, or only an oral notification with no warning. They give no time to make arrangements with family.
  • No more re-detention – Redention should not be allowed – if you have been detained once, you should not be re-detained if you are complying with the laws they have applied. This is a contradiction, you are being punished for complying with the law; it ruins the whole purpose of expecting compliance.

After receiving no response from the Home Office, the protesters have extended their strike.

“After an initial 3 day hunger strike where the Home Office refused to acknowledge the hunger strike, it is clear that they are not listening to us. On Monday 26/02/18, we will cease to participate in detention, we will not eat, use their facilities or work for them.”

Here are a number of ways those of us on the outside can support the protests:


  1. Sign the Petition –  calling on the Home Office to grant the demands of Yarl’s Wood strikers.
  2. Send a letter to you MP outlining what the strikers are calling for. Use this template, use the Write to Them website.
  3. Tweet Solidarity photos – tweet, retweet and share photos holding signs of support for Yarl’s Wood strikers, and share using hashtag #HUNGERFORFREEDOM
  4. Attend the Demo in London – Emergency protest outside the Home Office on Wednesday. Here are the details.

Ways of creatively amplifying the demands of the protesters, bringing them offline to new audiences are much appreciated.

Video: the UK’s detention system explained:

2 comments on “4 actions you can take to support the Yarl’s Wood strikers

  1. Frank Kihere on

    As a former long term detainee, I wholly understand the pain & human destruction indefinite detention can cause to human beings in the long term. Please listen to the pleas and allow those who have complied as well as spent over 10yrs here to be free and look after their families or start one. It’s the most breaking thing being locked up like a prisoner for no crime.


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