Last week, a group of civil society organisations released a report that raises acute concerns about the discrimination and violence against asylum seeking women in the UK.

Surviving the UK’s asylum/immigration system isn’t easy.  Whether people are granted the right to remain or not, many people are scarred by the experience of… Read more »


by Victory Sanu-Goodness @queenvictoryy Victory Sanu-Goodness arrived in the UK at seven years old. Now 20, she is a writer, radio host, & youth activist. She co-hosts… Read more »

The vast majority of women seeking asylum in Britain are survivors, too. They need to go to court to win their right to asylum. They are subjected not only to the toxic culture of disbelief confronting British survivors but to a deeply embedded culture of denial underpinned by racist and anti-refugee sentiment. And a new report by Asylum Aid is set to reveal how thoroughly that system is failing them.

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shut it down

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Dr Abood

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