The Channel: voices from detention. Bristol, September 2018


Step inside a phone booth to listen to voice messages from people in UK immigration detention centres. Send messages back and forth over 6 days. Meet others in Bristol who want to learn about detention and discuss how we can end it.


Sept 15th & 16th: Broadmead: New Rooms at John Wesley’s Chapel
Sept 17th: College Green 12-6pm
Sept 19th & 20th: Junction 3 Library, Easton 12-6pm

Facebook event here.


Enter the phone booth and listen to voice messages from people held in immigration detention in the UK. When you’re ready, ask a question, offer an answer, share a thought, a feeling, a memory, an idea… Then come back and listen again.

We host a friendly tea-and-biscuits table beside the booth where you can reflect and talk or write. You’ll meet others who want to create an alternative to a hostile immigration system.


At the These Walls Must Fall community meeting we’ll bring together what we’ve learned and discussed, hear some strategies for ending detention and create a plan of action to fight detention in Bristol.
27th September, 6-9pm, Assisi Centre (Borderlands).  Facebook event here.


Abdullah Bash of Bristol Refugee Artists Collective (17th September, College Green, 12-6pm)
Interactive art installation on the theme of freedom & captivity

Somali Kitchen (19th September, Junction 3 Library, 3-6pm)
Free Somali street food & cultural exchange

Join our workshop ‘How to prepare in case of detention’ (run by Right to Remain).
27th September 2pm Assisi Centre (Borderlands).  Facebook event here.

All events are FREE and everyone is welcome.


In the UK, thousands of people per year are held indefinitely in prison-like ‘immigration removal centres’ known as ‘detention centres’. They’re not held for committing a crime, but for having an unclear immigration status. Many of these people come from communities like ours in Bristol.

It’s one of the most harmful parts of the UK’s hostile immigration system, often resulting in trauma, lack of access to justice, and family separation.

Find out more about detention on the These Walls Must Fall website.

Find out more about The Channel Project on their website and their Facebook page.

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