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Home Office tracking use of Aspen card by people seeking asylum

Jan 21, 2019

Back in 2017, the Unity Centre in Glasgow highlighted the risks faced by people receiving asylum (financial) support who had been issued with Aspen cards, which replaced the old system of using your Asylum Registration Card (ARC card) to collect cash from a Post Office.

It’s now clear that this is not just a possibility, but something that is happening in practice.

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Making the case against borders

Jan 18, 2019

This episode of #TyskySour, hosted by Novara Media, is well worth a watch (or listen – it also comes as a podcast) for those thinking and talking about what a left-wing government’s immigration policy might look like. Featuring Dalia Gebrial, a PhD student at LSE and editor at Novara Media, and Omar Khan, of the Runnymede Trust.

With the operation of borders inevitably leading to racialised violence, how can we best argue for open borders? What policies might be brought in to reach that point?

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Courtroom Solidarity Immigration, the Stansted 15 and the Hostile Environment

Jan 17, 2019

When refugees and other migrants reach UK shores their struggle isn’t over, they encounter a ‘hostile environment’ that seeks to penalise and alienate them. When groups, like the Stansted 15, fight the injustices imposed by the UK Home Office they are prosecuted under terrorism offences. But solidarity can be a powerful tool.

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The Home Office is “out of control”

Jan 14, 2019

Just released: a must-watch short film about the actions and trial of the Stansted 15, the Home Office’s brutal treatment of people, and the incredible support these peaceful protesters have received.

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2018 – a year in review

Dec 20, 2018

From the Windrush scandal to the ‘hostile environment’, to the hunger strikes in Yarl’s Wood and the Stansted 15 conviction – this year has witnessed new levels of oppression and resistance.

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Stansted 15 Day of Actions – International Migrants Day

Dec 17, 2018

Tomorrow is International Migrants Day and actions in support of the Stansted 15 are planned in cities in Britain and Ireland.

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‘If I don’t come back, call my lawyer’: Practical solidarity for people at risk of detention.

Dec 13, 2018

We wrote for Red Pepper about local support groups that have set up systems to provide practical ‘signing support’ across the UK.

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