The Right to Remain asylum navigation board is a way to understand each step of the UK asylum system.

Participants can learn about what people going through the system and those supporting them can do to be in a better position.

As you navigate around the board, participants can pick up “Information Cards” which outline what that stage of the process is, and how it can be navigated.

Many problems can arise during the process of seeking asylum. For each stage on the board, participants can look at Problem cards for that stage of the process (colour coded to match the stage on the board). There are ideas for possible solutions to those problems on the reverse, “Action” side of the card.

Further information about all the stages, and the problems and potential solutions, can be found in the Right to Remain Toolkit.

The navigation board, developed by Right to Remain, Dr Vicky Canning, and Calverts Cooperative, was originally a “serious board game”, with a physical board. In response to the Covid-19 crisis, we have developed it as an online resource.

Through the following pages, you will able to navigate through each stage of the process, read the information cards and then consider the problems that may be faced at each stage. We recommend you do this with a friend/friends. When you reach a problem card, discuss the problem with your friend. What actions can you suggest that might help in the situation? Once you have finished discussing, you can click to read the suggested actions. Then, you can move on to the next stage of the process.