Beyond Borders Totnes & District demands a government U-turn on the asylum ‘floating prison’ plan

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Many grassroots groups that Right to Remain work with have been supporting people seeking asylum housed in hotels dotted around the country. 

Among them are the volunteers at Beyond Borders Totnes & District, in the South West of Devon, who have been working with asylum seeking men in a nearby hotel over many months, developing friendships with them and facilitating solidarity activities. 

They started a petition today, urging the government to rethink the plan to send people like these men to the Bibby Stockholm barge and instead develop strategies ‘that foster human respect, dignity and caring among both asylum seekers and among us all, citizens at large, as we witness their distress and efforts, and seek to welcome them into our communities.’ 

The petition goes on to say:

‘Many local people interacting for months with asylum seekers already based here, whom we have got to know, passionately contest the idea that horrifying accommodation will have any weight discouraging people from desperate routes to reach the UK.’

You can find their petition here.

Please spread the word and encourage more people to stand in solidarity with people seeking asylum! 

You can find more information about Beyond Borders Totnes & District here.