Inside our Toolkit workshop with Journey LGBTQ+ Asylum Seekers Group

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On Tuesday 18th October, we were delighted to hold a Toolkit workshop for Journey, a group that offers support to LGTBQ+ asylum seekers and refugees in Birmingham. The workshop was held at Carrs Lane Church, and it was our fourth workshop in the city in recent months, as we try to better understand the situation for people seeking asylum there.

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The struggle of seeking asylum in the UK as a woman


Seeking asylum in the UK as a woman can result in legal and practical struggles to establish the need for protection as a refugee. This blog post will explain the key struggles faced and how the Home Office have applied assistance over the years to female immigrants, whilst also discussing the problem areas that still remain today.

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Flag of Afghanistan

Information about Afghanistan

Legal Updates

Many people are trying to understand the situation for Afghans in the UK who do not have immigration status, and for people still in Afghanistan with possible rights to come to the UK.

There are many things that are still unclear and the situation is likely to change quite a lot.

In the meantime, here are a couple of useful resources for people wanting more information.

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an image of two children holding hands and walking across a bridge, with their backs to the camera

New Home Office procedure for family asylum claims

Legal Updates

A 2021 Supreme Court decision has led to the Home Office changing their procedure for dealing with asylum claims involving accompanied children (children in the UK with a parent or guardian).

The case was called G v G and the important point of the case was that a child who is named as a dependant on an asylum claim can and should usually be deemed to have made a claim for asylum in their own right.

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