Jimmy Mubenga: a day in the life of an inquest


IRR News provides a snapshot report from the second day of the inquest in to the death of Jimmy Mubenga which is due to last eight weeks.

The day of the inquest started with legal issues and the choosing of the jury.

This took some time as potential jurors were read a long list of names (witnesses and those involved) and they were asked about any connections to G4S, Tascor, the Home Office, the UK Border Agency, Prison Service, the National Tactical Response Unit, the London Ambulance Service, British Airways, or any of the legal firms involved in the inquest.

They were also asked whether they had worked in a detention centre or prison and whether they ever had to use restraint on anyone.

One of the most surprising questions put to potential jurors was whether s/he was a member of Liberty, INQUEST, Medical Justice, the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns or Stop G4S.

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