Right to Remain featured by Shado Magazine!


We are very excited that our work is featured in Shado Magazine!

The article is titled: “What we can learn from the Right to Remain Toolkit 10 years after its creation.

The article was written by Isabella Yasmin Kajiwara, who attended our London Toolkit Festival in May 2023. It explains how Right to Remain’s grassroots legal education is responding to the collapse of the legal aid sector and expanding Hostile Environment by building sustainable communities of knowledge and radical solidarity at the local level.

Isabella writes: “By consciously remoulding and designing the Toolkit over the years in response to the changing socio-political landscape, individuals are empowered to not just stand up, but stand together.”

We are very grateful to Isabella who interviewed Eiri Ohtani, our Director, Yumna Kamel, our Legal Education Officer and Lisa Matthews, a former Coordinator at Right to Remain, who currently works at Young Roots as Policy and Campaign Manager for this article.

Eiri said:

Although our Toolkit is famous, we seldom have a chance to explain to people why we do things in a way we do. Particularly the origin of the Toolkit – we developed it to foster radical solidarity through mutual-aid in order to build a bigger and more powerful campaign for migration justice – can easily get overlooked by groups and people who use the Toolkit. This beautifully written article by Isabella captures what informs and drives Right to Remain’s work. I hope many of our supporters will read it, and gain deeper understanding of Right to Remain.’

We are also grateful to Heedayah Lockman for the wonderful illustration that accompanies the article.

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