Hyab Yohannes writes how the government policies which keep people in a state of ‘rightlessness’ represent the political outrage and moral regression of our time.

Robert Swinfen, Treasurer and Management Committee member at Right To Remain, writes about how everyone has important skills to bring to a campaign.

In the latest in our series, our management committee member Catherine Hurley talks about her experience with, and resistance to, the UK’s ‘hostile environment’ immigration policies.  

Tienga Ngale is co-chair of the Right to Remain management committee. Here he writes about how the support he has given to and received from different communities kept him going through his most difficult situations.

“I’ve had my life and purpose affirmed again and again by the asylum and refugee led groups who attend and shape our annual gathering, and by having a management committee which is balanced between those who are allies and those who are experts by experience. To be amongst these people, for me, has been being deeply and truly to be amongst ‘my people’.”

“Whatever you do, never stay in silence, get involved, run a workshop, raise awareness and challenge to change this unjust system!’

Phill and Tienga

In the latest in the series, our Management Committee member Phill Wilcox writes about the worsening situation of legal aid in the immigration and asylum system, and how that impacts the sort of society we all live in.

In the first of a new series, our Management Committee member Laura Gibbons writes about her role as a visitor with people detained in Manchester,… Read more »