Thank you for the music (sorry. had to be done)


Sometimes you can feel overwhelmed by the hatred, fear and division that is being stoked up.  And sometimes you can feel overwhelmed by love, support, and solidarity.

I guess we’re in a time of extremes, so such starkly different feelings are not surprising.  Over the last couple of weeks when we have been despairing at the prejudice and inhumanity of the #MuslimBan, we’ve also been energised, inspired and nourished by the protests against the ban, and the incredible love, support and solidarity shown by the music community which Right to Remain has been very proud recipients of.

We wanted to say an enormous thank you to everyone – to the people who have decided to donate money from ticket sales, music sales, tshirts, books, cakes to our work over the last couple weeks, and to everyone who has spent money on those things, thus supporting our work.

Here’s a run-down of the amazing support we’ve had recently.  (If we’ve missed you, SORRY! Please tell us and we’ll make amends.  If you’re inspired by this blog post to join with these lovely people and support our work, please let us know and we will shout our love from the rooptops. The modern virtual version of the rooptops, that is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.)

First off the blocks was the wonderful NE:MM (North East Music Magazine) who raised a stunning £1350 from a benefit gig in Newcastle on 21 January. You can see their Facebook post about it here.

Then the wonderful band Martha had 7 days of ‘pay what you can’ for their music downloads and donated all the profits to Right to Remain, raising an amazing £1038.22 (and producing the brilliant picture below to celebrate).  LOVE KNOWS NO BORDERS.

And then it became a bit hard to keep up. 

Inspired by Martha, the brilliant Odd Box Records pledged a week of record sales to Right to Remain and also profits from one of their gigs, followed by Suggested Friends with a similar pledge for tshirt sales (we love the tshirts, by the way).  And then the maker of beautiful music, Alanna McArdle, joined in the action. 

And then there were more and more! Encouraged by the awesome music platform Bandcamp deciding to donate all profits on Friday 3 February to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU, the lawyers fighting – and winning- against Trump’s Muslim Ban), generous offers of financial support to Right to Remain just kept coming and coming.  

THANK YOU to Nik Vestbert, Woah Nows, Just Blankets, Not Right, Lugubrious Audio, Taco Hell, Baker Island, Los CampesinosPorridge Radio, Wolf Girl, Mammoth PenguinsHappy Accidents and Slum of Legs.

We liked how Woah Nows put it on their Facebook post:

“Hey everyone. So while everything is looking kinda scary right now, one saving grace is that I am seeing people around me taking positive actions to help support others in need… Lets stay active and do what we can eh?”

And also Porridge Radio who said on their post:

“It’s important to realise that injustice is not specific to America at this time, and we should work to help those who are marginalised and in need where we are.”

Porridge Radio are also donating any money collected at their shows to our friends at SOAS Detainee Support.

Still to come, there will be a bake sale for Right to Remain at this London gig on 25 February (at which Right to Remain will also have a table, so come and say hi!):

If you’d like to support our work with a one-off donation or regular giving, please take a look at our donation page here.



2 comments on “Thank you for the music (sorry. had to be done)

  1. Sarah Sandow on

    I am interested in your organisation. However, I do not see any reference to charity registration in your communications. Please advise.

    • right-to-remain on

      Hi Sarah,
      Thats correct, Right to Remain is not a registered charity, although our constitution, the Articles of Association, is based on the model articles from the Charity Commission. Our work is funded by public donations and grants from charitable trusts. You can read more about our work here


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