#TheseWallsMustFall weekend at Lush!

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A crack team of These Walls Must Fall campaigners descended on Lush Oxford Street last weekend!

They spoke with the public about the movement to end immigration detention at the largest Lush Shop in the world. We also raised over £1100 by selling special edition Hand & Body Moisturiser Charity Pots.

A key aspect of These Walls Must Fall is having migrants impacted by detention to be front and centre of campaigning. These campaigners need to travel to meetings and events, but many are not allowed to work because of immigration rules, and have access to only very limited benefits . Some have no state support at all. Every penny we raised through sales (minus VAT) will pay for bus passes to allow asylum seekers and other migrants be central in the movement to end immigration detention in the UK.

A These Walls Must Fall campaigner recently told Right to Remain what being part of a campaign group means to them:

“I’ve learned a lot. A lot. Learned about detention, how to protect yourself, how you act for people who have been detained, who is at risk of detention. I used to know only the name detention, I didn’t know what happened inside.”

If you didn’t make it down to Lush last weekend, you can still donate here.

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