Want some of our new Toolkit flyers? Get in touch!

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As you may have noticed by our recent social media posts, we have updated our Right to Remain Toolkit flyers!

Our new and improved flyers now include QR codes, that you can scan with your phone camera, to take you straight to vital information, including: 5 things you should know before using the Toolkit and the Right to Remain Toolkit homepage.

Our new Toolkit flyers at Brushstrokes in Sandwell, Birmingham!

To celebrate 10 years of the Right to Remain Toolkit, we will be hosting Toolkit Festivals in several cities across the UK. We are committed to ensuring our Toolkit reaches a wider audience of people, so the communities and groups who need the Toolkit are actually able to access it and use it as a tool to build more radical solidarity for migration justice! 

The same applies to our Toolkit flyers – we want to ensure people and groups working closely with or those who are going through the system themselves are aware of the Toolkit and can be supported whether or not they have a lawyer. Our Toolkit belongs to our migrant and refugee community – we want everyone in our community to have access to it!

If you are interested in receiving our flyers for your organisation or group, please contact our Engagement Officer, Esther Doherty at esther(at)righttoremain.org.uk

13 comments on “Want some of our new Toolkit flyers? Get in touch!

  1. Nic Burne on

    At the Doncaster Conversation Club we are not supposed to work directly with the people in the hotels. They are, supposedly, looked after by another organisation.
    However we do have access to the hotels.
    Which of your flyers are suitable for the hotel occupants to direct them to your excellent toolkit?

  2. Emily McQuade on

    Hi! Would it be possible to get a pdf of your flyers? I work for Suffolk Refugee Support and this is an immensely useful tool for sharing with asylum seekers and refugees. Thanks.

  3. Ged Meechan on

    Great site recommend it to everyone. Great idea with the QR code. I’ll use it a lot.

    Can you send me posters please as starting this week I am visiting hotels all over the Midlands delivering clothing and sim cards.

    Thank you, keep up the good work :-)

  4. Erik Schmitt on

    I am interested in obtaining some of these flyers for distributing around my refugee support office. The toolkit is wonderful and more people should be aware of it and utilise it’s resource.

  5. Pg Print on

    This article introducing the new toolkit flyers is fantastic news for anyone interested in immigration and asylum issues. The availability of these resources provides an excellent opportunity to access valuable information and support for those navigating complex legal processes. These toolkit flyers have the potential to make a significant difference in the lives of individuals seeking asylum and justice. It’s heartening to see organizations like Right to Remain actively contributing to this important cause. Thanks for sharing this announcement, and kudos to your team for the valuable work you do!


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