The so-called “Illegal” Migration Bill, so far

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The so-called “Illegal” Migration Bill is currently making its way through the House of Lords in the UK Parliament.

It is a very complicated and scary piece of legislation that would – if passed into law in its current form – stop the right to claim asylum in the UK.

It is currently facing many amendments (this means changes) in the House of Lords, which is why we have not written a summary of what the Bill includes yet. It is likely to change significantly before it is made into law. If and when that happens, we will write a detailed summary of what the law includes and what it will mean for different communities in the UK – much like we did with the Nationality and Borders Act last year.

In the meantime, we have written a detailed article about what the passing of this Bill into law would mean for the UK and the rest of the world, and we explore some alternative solutions to the danger of Channel crossings.

Please remember that at Right to Remain, it is our job to keep our community informed of changes to UK asylum and immigration law so that you know what steps to take. Just because we communicate these changes, does not mean we agree with them. We firmly believe that #NoOneIsIllegal. To find out more, read our statement of solidarity.

4 comments on “The so-called “Illegal” Migration Bill, so far

  1. Sekalala Haron on

    GLE bebayise mu home office nga 15/06/2023 ku kukuyingira mu ngeri emenya amateeka. Twayingira mu 2021. Ki ekiddako?

  2. Kàhan on

    I am really getting depressed and I am arriving UK on 11 April 2023 and I am asylum seeker so do you have information about questioner or ?


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