“Unjustifiable, unnecessary, punitive and unlawful”: we speak to the BBC about immigration curfews

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Back in May, we shared the news that the Home Office had been routinely imposing curfews (after someone obtained release from immigration detention) without any power to do so, making the action unlawful.

We helped people subject to these unlawful curfews access the legal representation they needed to have the curfews lifted, and to possibly receive compensation.

We were pleased to help further publicise this vital legal victory via blog posts and articles for the Unlocking Detention project (that we co-run), which continues until 18 December (International Migrants’ Day).

Ravi Naik, Public and International Law Solicitor and Head of Public Law at ITN Solicitors, who represented the claimants in the vital cases that determined the unlawfulness of the policy, wrote for our legal blog just a few weeks ago because of the concern  “that there may be others who remain detained under a curfew. All such people are entitled to and deserve their freedom”.  Ravi also explained the complex legal background to these developments in an excellent article, “Released but not yet free”, for the Justice Gap online magazine.

The story was recently covered by BBC News, and we told their reporter Catrin Nye that immigration curfews are “highly damaging” to people’s lives and that:

“The policy was unjustifiable, unnecessary, punitive and unlawful. We believe that if the Home Office believes it is above the law, this is a danger for us all.”

We have been delighted to see the news coverage being shared far and wide, and it was even tweeted by the legendary artist Ai Wei Wei!




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