Free the Rwanda detainees!


On 29 April, the government started rounding up hundreds of people seeking asylum, taking them to detention centres for deportation to Rwanda. People have been locked up for over a month now, even though the Prime Minister announced that the cruel plan is paused, with no flights until after the election on July 4th.

And now, in a High Court hearing into a legal challenge brought by the FDA trade union for civil servants yesterday June 3rd, the Home Office revealed that there will be no flights to Rwanda until July 24th at the earliest.

All those people detained for Rwanda must be released, without delay.

Please see below for images to share on social media to support the call to free the Rwanda detainees. People are using the hashtags #StopRwanda and #FreeRwandaDetainees

Organisations like Bail for Immigration Detainees and Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants have been working as hard as they can to win the release of many individuals.

Lawyers representing people in detention told the Observer they were mounting challenges for unlawful detention, even before the prime minister’s statement, because people were being seized without the Home Office making the legal decisions necessary to send them to Rwanda.

Lewis Kett, a solicitor at Duncan Lewis, said: “There was no justification for detaining them nine to 11 weeks before any potential flights, and even less so after the prime minister announced no flights would leave before the election.”

It’s brilliant to see this work, but it’s outrageous that legal firms are forced to take this action for people. Detention centre visitor groups have confirmed that there are still dozens of people in detention. The Home Office must step in and release all the people who have been detained under this plan.

Graphics to share on social media

Please save and share these simple images on social media, to add your voice in demanding the immediate release of all people detained under the Rwanda plan. Just click an image to download it, then share it far and wide. People are using the hashtags #StopRwanda and #FreeRwandaDetainees

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  1. Alan and Marilyn Thomas on

    We support the campaign to release Rwanda detainees – and of course to cease such detentions.


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