“Strikingly original debut” with help from Right to Remain!


We are very excited to see that Remi Weekes’ horror film, His House, will be hitting Netflix and cinemas from 30 October.

His House is about a South Sudanese asylum-seeking couple who are housed on a bleak housing estate, their new home “blighted by peeling walls, dodgy wiring and hostile neighbours. Worse than that, it’s haunted. If they flee, Rial and Bol risk deportation for violating bail. Stay, however, and they will need to do battle with the wall-dwelling creatures, which appear to have followed them from Africa.”

That’s how Ryan Gilbey described the film in The Guardian newspaper at the weekend.

Gilbey interviewed Remi Weekes for the article, and we were very touched that Right to Remain received a mention (along with Waging Peace) after helping to develop the script at the early stages of the film:

Weekes consulted with Waging Peace, an organisation that opposes genocide and human rights violations in Sudan, and Right to Remain, which helps people navigate the UK asylum system. This was to ensure a realistic grounding for a story that takes flight into the nightmarish. “It was important to know how asylum seekers are treated,” he says. “The draconian rules, the uncaring bureaucracy, it all shows this lack of empathy.”

Watch the official trailer for the film:

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