Deportation deaths


Jimmy Mubenga died this week aboard the British Airways BA77 flight to Uganda while being restrained by G4S security guards using ‘excessive force’ according to one witness.

Jimmy, a devoted husband and father of five children, is the not the first, and will not be the last migrant to die at the hands the European border enforcement agencies and their private security firms. Anna Morvern writes in the Guardian that we need to look at ourselves and ask how we became a society that will now effect deportations by almost any means possible.

Much of the information below is source from the Institute for Race Relations, IRR

Jimmy Mubenga
Died October 2010, United Kingdom
Apparent cause of death: positional asphyxia
Jimmy Mubenga was heavily restrained on board a British Airways flight from Heathrow to Angola and complained that he could not breathe for at least ten minutes before he lost consciousness. Private security company G4S, who are contracted to provide deportation security for the UK Home Office, are currently being investigated.

Alex Uzowulu
Died March 2010, Switzerland.
Official cause of death: heart attack (he was weakened from hunger strike)

Mariame Getu Hagos, 2003
Died May 2001, France
Official cause of death: positional asphyxia

Ricardo Barrientos
2002. Argentinian.
Died May 2001, France
Official cause of death: positional asphyxia

Samson Chukwu
Aged 27
Died May 2001, Switzerland
Official cause of death: positional asphyxia

Christian Ecole Ebune
Aged 31
Died 18 December 2000, Hungary
Official cause of death: natural causes as a consequence of chronic cardiac hypertrophy. (An alternative report commissioned by the Hungarian Helsinki Commission suggests that death was most probably due to a combination of heart failure, panic and stress.)

Aamir Mohamed Ageeb
Died 30 May 1999, Germany
Official cause of death: asphyxiation

Marcus Omofuma
Aged 25
Died 1 May 1999, Austria
Official cause of death: suffocation

Khaled Abuzarifeh
Aged 27
Died 3 March 1999, Switzerland
Official cause of death: positional asphyxia

Semira Adamu
Aged 20
Died September 1998, Belgium
Official cause of death: asphyxiation

Kola Bankole

Died August, 1994, Germany
Cause of death: heart failure (bound, gagged and injected him with a large dose of sedatives)

Joy Gardner
Aged 40
Died August 1993, United Kingdom
Official cause of death: brain damage caused by lack of oxygen

Arumugam Kanapathipillai
Aged 33
Died 1991, France
Official cause of death: asphyxiation


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  1. Joshua on

    I was crying when i read this news, people should be trained how to restrain, a least criminal are restrain without them getting hurt.
    They kill the man, at least he have serve his term in jail for the crime he committed, but after that why did they have to kill him.
    Home Office and G4 knows how to lie, if you see what they are doing, you will pitty humans, at least there are brittish living in there country earning $500 a day. Immigrant are not animals, there are more criminal minded british citizen than him.


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