Do-It-Yourself fresh claims

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For people who have been refused asylum, and had their appeal to the Tribunal dismissed, a fresh claim for asylum, with new evidence or new grounds, can be the route to sanctuary, to regularisation of status.

There are limits and difficulties in doing this yourself, or helping someone if you are not a lawyer, but there are some aspects where community supporters can really help.

This video by Taimour Lay, barrister at Garden Court Chambers, gives an overview on what a fresh asylum or human rights claim is, and how to do it yourself, help someone else with legal support (not legal advice), and the best ways to interact with a solicitor and barrister to help the case.

The video was recorded at the Samphire Project ex-detainees conference in July 2015, and has now been put online. Thanks to the Free Movement blog for publicising it.


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