Ripples of support to form a tidal wave of solidarity


A guest post from our friends MaMA in Liverpool, ahead of their Transmutable Voices event on 12 November.


There are not a lot of creative collectives whose works offers both beautiful  justice-based narratives to audiences, and has a tested method for transforming the root cause injustices in legal, governmental and social systems!

When we started five years ago we were fighting for one mother and one child.  Now, every Wednesday 20 women come to lunch, run the MaMa choir, cook community dinners, and create significant works of photo-performance.  All of those 20 women are fighting for safety and sanctuary for themselves and their children: small solutions are no longer enough.

It is increasingly clear how the changes in law are effecting people in the community.  Changes to legal aid stop MaMa members and their children from accessing justice, while private companies move families from settled homes with 3 hours’ notice.

MaMa needs to be bigger and tougher to be able to support members at the sharp end of the legal and social hostility to migrants.

This year we have had amazing support from Arts Council England for transmutable voices: new aesthetics of citizenship, a project where we worked with Manuel Vason to co-create photo-performances of the Migrant Artists Mutual Aid  Choir/Community.  We will be premièring this work on November 12th with a performance at The Bluecoat.

The best way to right now to help MaMa grow is to send a clear message to the Arts Council and performance venues that there is an audience for the type of work that we are making.  If you can book your tickets in advance, it would make these next few days completely stress free!

BUT!  We realise that we have to find a way for friends far and wide to support our work and connect with what we are doing.  SO before and during our event we are going to be offering limited editions prints of some of the images.  We will have a variety of sizes and formats for a very limited number of the images.

It is a strategic moment.


Come with your friends!

Bring your office!

Book in advance!

Get in touch to order a limited edition print!

The ripples of your support (for a great event!) will be a tidal wave for us!


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